Collection Challenges: Overcoming Pain Points for Enhanced Efficiency 2Q 2023

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The current collections landscape is rife with challenges that demand innovative solutions. As we navigate through the complexities of collections processes, several pain points emerge, each highlighting the need for advanced strategies and automated business solutions. Let's delve into the common challenges faced today:

  • Lack of Customization:
    • - Monotonous strategies across the entire customer base.
    • - Limited flexibility in tailoring approaches to individual customer needs.
  • No Intelligence from Communication Events:
    • - Absence of insights derived from events across various communication channels.
    • - Inability to gather intelligence for optimizing collection strategies.
  • Limited AB Testing Capability:
    • - Inability to experiment with and refine strategies for optimal performance.
    • - Lack of a systematic approach to testing different collection methodologies.
  • Absence of a One-Stop Solution:
    • - Platforms designed primarily for triggering communication, lacking comprehensive strategy-building capabilities.
    • - Resource-intensive processes for making even minor adjustments to templates or logic.
  • Cost and Resource Intensiveness:
    • - Collection costs ranking as the second-largest expense in lending after acquisition costs.
    • - Additional resources required for implementing minor changes in templates, strategies, or logic.
  • Cumbersome Template Updates:
    • - Manual-intensive updates for templates across various channels.
    • - Dependency on technology for testing new creatives or adjusting communication frequency.
  • Inconsistent Data and Siloed Systems:
    • - Inconsistent engagement due to fragmented data across different departments.
    • - Hindrance to data-driven decision-making due to scattered data.
  • Time-Consuming Strategy Analysis:
    • - Difficulty in tracking strategy performance and analyzing results.
    • - Challenges in swiftly updating communication flows based on strategy analysis.

In addressing these challenges, our goal is to introduce solutions that provide flexibility, intelligence, and streamlined processes, ultimately revolutionizing the collections landscape. Stay tuned for our innovative approaches to reshape the future of collections management

Proposed Solution: Revolutionizing Collections for Operational Excellence


In response to the prevalent challenges in collections management, our forward-thinking solution is poised to bring about transformative changes. Here's how our innovative approach addresses the identified pain points:

  • Cloud-Based Omnichannel Solution with AI/ML:
    • A code-free cloud-based solution supporting omnichannel communication.
    • - Harnesses AI/ML capabilities for dynamic and intelligent collections strategies.
    • - Flexibility to run multi-strategy campaigns within workflows based on customer behavior and segments.
  • Queue Management Capabilities:
    • - Tailored queues for different customer sets, enabling customized treatment and communication.
    • - Seamless integration with the call center for a human touch in customer interactions.
  • Robust Data Handling and Security:
    • - Segregation of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data from non-PII data.
    • - Client-based setup for handling PII data and communication, ensuring secure strategy configuration and execution on the service side.
  • Efficient Template and Workflow Management:
    • - Template management streamlined for consistent and easy updates across various channels.
    • - Workflow manager orchestrates multiple strategies, facilitating the execution of the right communication.
    • - AB testing between two strategies to measure performance differences, considering factors like message frequency and creative performance.
  • Model-Based Segmentation:
    • - Utilizes machine learning models to assess the ability and willingness to pay.
    • - Incorporates internal and external features for risk segmentation and personalized collection communication strategies.
  • Comprehensive Collection Platform:
    • - A centralized platform for effective strategy management, campaign execution, and self-service capabilities.
    • - Proactive collection strategies with built-in risk controls, actively monitoring delinquency trends.
  • Self-Service Capability:
    • - Empowers customers with the ability to choose from different payment plans through a self-service portal.
    • - Offers flexibility with one-time payments or proposed payment plans based on customer preferences.
  • Analytics and Reporting Engine:
    • - Provides operational and executive reporting for informed decision-making.
    • - Proactively manages collection strategies with risk controls in place.
    • - Dynamically adjusts collections communication based on various factors, utilizing bucketized collections.

Our solution is designed not just to address the pain points but to elevate collections operations, introducing efficiency, intelligence, and customer-centricity.

Customer Success Stories:

Customer A : Debt collections agency - Late Bucket Coverage Enhancement:

  • Client Context:
    • - One of the largest collection agencies in the US.
    • - Primarily relying on agent call-based collections with basic marketing communication.
  • What We Did:
    • - Developed a machine learning model for precise customer segmentation based on willingness and ability to pay.
    • - Designed segment-specific communication and payment plan strategies.
    • - Introduced email channel communication with advanced tracking capabilities.
    • - Enhanced the self-service portal to facilitate diverse payment and hardship capturing journeys.
  • Benefits Achieved:
    • - High willingness-to-pay customers demonstrated a remarkable 5X better conversion rate compared to low willingness-to-pay customers.
    • - Created an end-to-end collection strategy and communication module from scratch.
    • - Introduced configurability for AB testing, resulting in a 300% increase in engagement.
    • - Achieved a 100% increase in conversion rates.

Customer B. Early Bucket Optimization:

  • Client Context:
    • - Fintechs operating across various geographies, including the USA, Mexico, and India.
  • What We Did:
    • - Implemented a machine learning model for nuanced customer segmentation based on willingness and ability to pay.
    • - Developed segment-specific communication and payment plan strategies.
    • - Enabled one-way and two-way SMS and email channel communication with advanced tracking capabilities.
  • Benefits Achieved:
    • - Two-way communication resulted in a 20% increase in conversions within two weeks.
    • - Reduced operational costs by 30-40% and communication costs by 30%.
    • - Achieved over 40% open rates, indicating increased penetration.
    • - Enhanced collections efficiency by an impressive 50%.

These customer success stories underscore the effectiveness of our AI machine learning-driven strategies in optimizing collections, reducing costs, and significantly improving conversion rates.

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